Website Development

  • Custom Websites
  • WordPress/Blog Websites, Full Customization and Integration of third party Plugins, etc.
  • Web Site Enhancements (forms with feedback, database integrations using AJAX, JQUERY, PHP MYSQL, etc.)
  • Develop and Manage Social Networking Sites, Consulting (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc.)
  • E-commerce Catalog Websites, (full featured, unlimited products, complete customer management, promo codes, shipping setup, etc.)

Creative Project Management

  • Commercial and Corporate Website Asset and Admin Management
  • Intranets and Group Work solutions
  • Multimedia Web Applications
  • E-commerce
  • HTML Email Campaigns / Coding of HTML Emails for use in Third Party Applications like Responsys, Mail Chimp, Etc.
  • Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

Email Marketing

  • Email Campaigns / HTML Emails
  • Animated Banner Ads
  • Custom Interactive Landing Pages

Web Metrics and Analysis

  • Site Traffic and User Analysis Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Placement (SEP)

Other Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Production HD
  • Internet Online Consulting