Jeff Westphal Racing

Jeff Westphal Racing

Jeff Westphal is not your everyday twenty-four year old. He lives life in the fastlane. Literally. Jeff is an up-and-coming racing star. A speed demon on wheels, as you will.

When Deep BLUE Pacific teamed up with Jeff to build him a website, we realized quickly that this kid was not only impressive on the track, but he was a young man fully in command of the professional image he wanted to portray on and off the track.

The task – help Jeff build a website that was young, hip, and conveyed the feel of the racing world that Jeff thrived in. Being a young techie, Jeff was also interested in blogging, managing his own image gallery, and keeping his race schedule up-to-date without having to make a phone call to the DBP office. To top it off we shot and produced a video – car mounted camera and all, and posted it on his homepage so his fans could get a view from the driver’s seat.


Jeff Westphal Racing

The homepage on Jeff’s site features his blog posts.


There’s a calendar that Jeff controls with his Google account. The calendar is embedded right into the site.

Visit Jeff’s site

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