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Chesler Construction gets Facelift for 2013

Chesler Construction (, a valued client of Deep BLUE Pacific since 2010,
decided it was time to change the colors around and get a small site facelift and an addition of a video clip and LOG-IN section.

Site Features:

Homepage Slider Gallery Javascript powered slider allows homes to be viewed using a very cool thumbnail slider bar for navigating the album.

Photo Gallery: Database controlled, completely searchable, customized tag-based photo gallery with image zoom.

Embedded Scrolling Content: To keep the page from scrolling down and losing sight of your company branding. Except for the image gallery, the site is locked in height makes it easy to navigate.

Chesler Construction


Jeff Westphal Racing

Jeff Westphal Racing

Jeff Westphal is not your everyday twenty-four year old. He lives life in the fastlane. Literally. Jeff is an up-and-coming racing star. A speed demon on wheels, as you will.

When Deep BLUE Pacific teamed up with Jeff to build him a website, we realized quickly that this kid was not only impressive on the track, but he was a young man fully in command of the professional image he wanted to portray on and off the track.

The task – help Jeff build a website that was young, hip, and conveyed the feel of the racing world that Jeff thrived in. Being a young techie, Jeff was also interested in blogging, managing his own image gallery, and keeping his race schedule up-to-date without having to make a phone call to the DBP office. To top it off we shot and produced a video – car mounted camera and all, and posted it on his homepage so his fans could get a view from the driver’s seat.


Jeff Westphal Racing

The homepage on Jeff’s site features his blog posts.


There’s a calendar that Jeff controls with his Google account. The calendar is embedded right into the site.

Visit Jeff’s site