Client List

Many of the clients we have done work for over the years will be in the list below.
Many of the sites we have created over the 20+ years in operation are no longer available online. But we do have screenshots and archived versions of much of our work available upon request.

Aloita Resort (wordpress site)
Annuity Project (HTML Emails)
Aptos Private Beach House (Website)
Bay School (Multimedia Flash site intro)

The Balance (website)
Bilgart Design (WordPress site)
Bon Appetite (website)
Booth Lacrosse (wordpress site)
Burton Goldberg (Online interactive forms)
Cacci Constriction (website)
CAP Wireless (website)
Casa Playa (wordpress site)
CC Otsego (wordpress site)
Chesler Construction Inc(website)
Clockwise (Graphic Design Work )
Cloud 9 Analytics (HTML Emails and Flash Banner Advertising)
Cornell (website) (website launch from startup, management)
Deacon Construction (website)
Death By HMO (website)
Destination Massage (website)
Electus Lacrosse (website and design)
Emerge Well (website design)
Exchange Bank of Sonoma County (built website)
Extensity Business Solutions (website)
Foodniks (Upgrade website, management)
Fountaingrove Inn (website, photography)
Gary Migale Painting (website)
Gee-Ology (website)
Godfrey Law (website, management)
Gualala Water (wordpress website)
Halleck Design Group (multimedia presentation, site editing)
Horseshow Products (produced and embedded video):
High Bridge Realty (website redesign)
LM Townsend Catering (website redesign, multimedia photo slideshow, forms)
Infoworld Futures Project (1997 website)
Internet Marketplace (website multimedia addition in flash)
Iready (Flash Presentation)
Ironhorse Vineyards (website)
IX Labs (website design)
J Wine (website)
Jeff Westphal Racing (wordpress website)
Jimmyjane Inc. (managed E-commerce website for 3 years) (Creative art director,website, print graphics, multimedia design, booth design.)
Kanes Line Online (website design)
Kendall Jackson Winery (websites, e-commerce, educational)
Law MSO (website)
Massey Fitness and Massage (website)
MLB Homes (co built website)
Netscape Communications (website)
On Sites (website design)
Park Hyatt Regency of Tokyo Japan (website)
Parmeter, Inc (website)
Peck Drennan (Flash multimedia showcase)
Perricone MD (e-commerce site management, webmaster, web management)
Rich Armusewicz Construction (Simple website, with photo gallery)
RC Truth (website)
Sadler Inc. (filmed and embedded multimedia video)
Sea Cliff Motel (website, and wordpress)
Secrets For Money (website)
SeSaan (co built website design and authored photography)
SF 49ers (co built parts of 2001 website)
Smarter Work (designed and built animated banner ads )
Sola Optical (website, management)
Sonic (designed and produced animated 3-D multimedia browser ICON)
Sterling Specialties (co built ecommerce website graphics, design)
Telepacific Communications (website, built from spec)
The Pleasure is Mine (website management, upgrades, etc.)
The Regal Rabbit (e-commerce website launch and design management, photography)
Wegner Associates (3 years of building websites, multimedia and graphic design)